Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stop the pigeon

Well someone is reaping the harvest of homegrown food. Unfortunately it isn't me. I'm blaming the wood pigeons as something of a feathered variety has scoffed the red cabbage, rocket and young pea plants. I have now netted the brassicas but I think this is a bit like bolting the proverbial stable door. The rocket will I'm sure grow back but I'm not confident about the peas making a recovery as they have been taken back to their stalks. I'll certainly be more careful when I plant out the next bed.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Bright spots

Every year plants appear on the plot which I have not sown or planted. Often, as my blog posts will document, these unplanned visitors are weeds. However, wild flowers also make an appearance pushing their way through in the grassy paths and quiet corners. Right now there are wild primroses, forget-me-knots, and bluebells lighting up the grass with pools of delicate blue and yellow.