Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Heavy plant crossing

We had a grand day out on Sunday with a trip to the Tatton Park Flower Show. I must be showing my age as I haven't made it to a music festival this year but got really excited about going to the RHS event. The show gardens were top notch - I particularly liked the 'East meets West' garden design by Urban Vision for it's simplicity and calmness. Ness Botanic Gardens' back to back garden for bees also got my vote. It was designed to show the important contribution bees make to our gardens and was packed with climbing beans, wildflowers and an apiary hive.

Just as we were starting to flag with the heat and our fill of ice cream, they announced the beginning of the plant sale. Everyone's inner bargain hunter came out and there was a it of a frenzy at the plant stands. Came home laden down with vegetable plants and herbs.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tea's up

Dug up the first lot of new potatoes today. I was late planting them so they are rather small - but perfectly formed. Had our first allotment meal of the year: roast potatoes, fried courgettes, with spinach and chard in a parsley and sage sauce. Delish!